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I am Rhianna Berthoud, my pronouns are She/They, and I am an Illustrator and Animator based in Cardiff, UK.


My illustrations are authentic, and I love working intuitively to bring my projects to life. I mainly work with mixed media processes combining drawing and 3D elements, along with heavy experimentation and play.


I work with the subject matter of surreal characters as they provide a wellspring of inspiration for me. They can take any form and are expressive, otherworldly and exciting!

Instagram: @rhiannaberthoud

Art Fairs

Shake XL Art Fair Bristol • 5th March 2023

Arthole Illustration Market Cardiff • 11th March 2023

Whats The Zine? X Print Fair Exeter • 17th June 2023

Spit and Sawdust Indie Night Market Cardiff • 7th July 2023

Nice Things Art Fair Plymouth • 30th July 2023

Blink Art Fair Cardiff • 16th September 2023

Pop Up Arts Fair Falmouth Cornwall • Various Dates

Selected Press

Illustrated Tapes • IT205: ‘Gobbins!’ The (Un) Official Video Game Soundtrack

Whisper Magazine • Music Video Review within "Review: The Mothman EP"

Cornwall Film Festival • "20 Under 25's" • "Do You Hear the Sounds?"

Illo Radio • Studio Speakers With Dave Bain

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